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Negros, Philippines

project 2

Triggered by the frequent disparity between the pounds (GBP) charities collect, and the frightfully low percentage the projects they support ultimately receive, we decided there had to be a fairer way.

We founded CoCo & KiKi to be as transparent as possible from source to patron. Ethical, sustainable, and efficient: we harnessed our skills and roped in some of our friends. This has enabled us to cut the majority of the costs usually incurred when starting a brand, therefore allowing the money generated through the sales of our signature fox dungarees to ensure fair payment for all involved in their production.

Project One is headed up by the lovely Jasmine B, based (perhaps unsurprisingly,) in Negros – a small island in the Philippines. She raised nearly £10,000 in order to prepare and distribute food and essentials to locals who were living hand to mouth at the beginning of the pandemic.

Together, we’ve created a longer term solution to the ongoing problem: Jas will select individuals who’d like to start a small venture but perhaps don’t have the start up capital or the know-how. And between Jas and myself, we have both knowledge and funding to help get them started.

The projects will initially be in the style of a homemade Deliveroo, with sales via Facebook Marketplace and deliveries carried out by younger generation relatives.

Jinky has been given an oven which will help to further her little business.

Our objective is to enable people within the Negros community, to give them a leg up, to assist with the spending and available resources. With Jasmine on the ground, she will be using her marketing expertise to aid the photography, and to set up online media pages in order to structure the distribution.

Pictured Jinky’s Turon with Nangka, a local favourite consisting of thinly sliced Bananas dusted with brown sugar, rolled in a spring roll wrapper and fried and then drizzled with chocolate.

We are always on the look out for projects to support in the future, feel free to suggest a project here

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