Reinvesting the profits



project 1

Triggered by the frequent disparity between the pounds (GBP) charities collect, and the frightfully low percentage the projects they support ultimately receive, we decided there had to be a fairer way.

We founded CoCo & KiKi to be as transparent as possible from source to patron. Ethical, sustainable, and efficient: we harnessed our skills and roped in some of our friends. This has enabled us to cut the majority of the costs usually incurred when starting a brand, therefore allowing the money generated through the sales of our signature fox dungarees to ensure fair payment for all involved in their production.

Our Dungarees are made by a Female Founded Studio, we’ve met the makers and heard their stories, they are paid very fairly, self described as a safe space and more like family than colleagues.


Project 1- A small village on the outskirts of Alleppey, which we stumbled across in 2019, where we initially made friends over biscuits from Pondicherry and went back three days in a row, dancing which was impressive from their side, a bit like an Uncle dancing at a wedding from our side! We swam together in the nearby lake and had an evening of Karaoke.

This year [23′] we returned and spent Onam Festival together, it was an exciting reunion from both sides. In true festival style we played games, musical chairs, pin the bindi on the forehead, lime and spoon races, tug of war and jumping for biscuits on a line to name a few! Many of the villagers are aspiring engineers, nurses and doctors and really value the importance of going to school and learning as much as possible. So in the form of prizes for the games we gave them school supplies, with the next step being organising some tutoring.

“Great opportunities to help others seldom come, but small ones surround us every day.”

-Sally Koch

We are always on the look out for projects to support in the future, feel free to suggest a project here