What sustainability means to us

How you do anything is how you do everything

More people doing things imperfectly together and improving at every step of the way.

A closer look…


Sustainability means different things to different people. 


For us it is knowing every stage of the process, having personally sourced the fabric, met the people stitching our garments, seen the working conditions with our own eyes and can whole heartedly say that every stage of the process has been optimised to make sure that people are paid fairly and that the conditions are safe and good. We only work with and source from artisans that we would be proud to show our mothers.


We are totally transparent with the materials we use, which part of India they are sourced and how we’ve taken steps to lower our impact, avoiding harmful chemicals. Actively avoiding threads sourced from China.


We would rather have a less designs that are very well made and durable, garments our customers love, that are well loved. Can withstand climbing trees and jumping in puddles.


Our packaging is biodegradable and we cycle any deliveries within a manageable radius.


Care for the planet.